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At Flying Blue Imports, we work each day with one purpose in mind, to make quality European wines financially accessible to the American consumer.  We source wines from small farmers, and then produce, bottle and market them under our own labels.

Our brokers constantly search for good deals throughout the French and Italian wine regions, including Bordeaux, Provence, Veneto, Tuscany (and other areas), to ensure we are able to offer the best choice and prices to our clients.

Our competitively priced wines are among the best on the market.   We have built solid relationships with local growers that enable us to guarantee both the quality and exclusivity of our products.

Flying Blue brands allow consumers to experience the characteristic taste of various European wine regions and their grapes, without having to incur the expense of estate-bottled wines.

We carefully select our range of wines from the most prestigious appellations to discover the "little gems" that our customers have come to enjoy.



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