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There’s an old tale whispered throughout the streets of Oporto of a strange figure who roamed the town at night, slipping through the shadows and liberating many casks of wines from the docks as they prepared to ship to distant lands. One wealthy Baron offered up countless sums to anyone who could stop this mysterious burglar before all of his precious wine was lifted away, but to no avail.


Now we can’t say exactly where this wine comes from, but many believe the thief took the booty to America to sell and begin new a life fashioning himself after the Baron of Oporto. Made from traditional grapes native to Portugal and found along the steep and winding valley of the Douro River - its flavors are as dark and sinister as the tale of its origin. Black cherry and plum, cinnamon, licorice, and burly tannins make this stow-away quite a steal. Make sure you catch a bottle or two before it slips away in the night.

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