Vieux Ciseaux

The Wine

Ever since the Middle Ages, Malbec wines have been treasured in France for their deep, purple-ebony hue and rich, robust character. Known as the “black wine” in our region, its color is second to none in opacity and intensity! We take great care to source the grapes from outstanding local growers. With them we have developed a bond of assurance that we will make the best wine possible from their treasured fruit. Our Vieux Ciseaux Malbec typically shows blackberry flavors in its youth, and picks up tobacco, coffee and sweet leather notes as it ages. It has good structure, ample tannins, and invites a decanting before service. To drink this wine is to toast to the good life, to remember one’s past, and look forward to the future.


The Place

The word terroir is a very important one for French winemakers yet impossible to easily define. Terroir is an idea, a sense of something that can’t be measured, only tasted. Terroir is the embodiment of all the regional factors that contribute to the taste of a wine. Terroir is something special, something sacred – the sum of the inputs of sun, soil, aspect, exposure and weather. The terroir is in the wine before the grapes are picked, and remain in the wine long after it has been bottled. Here in central France we are blessed with a world-class terroir for the Malbec grape. Our rocky, limestone soils ensure strength and power in the finished wine. The abundant, ever-present sunshine gives Vieux Ciseaux Malbec an incredible, vivid color. Most of all, the intense, concentrated flavors come from the roots, which work diligently exploring their terrain and nourishing the fruit.


The People/Culture

Here in South West France, we have an enormously varied climate thanks to the influence of both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We grow an incredible diversity of vegetables, keep an array of animals, and farm in season, year round. Due to this unique situation, food plays a central role in our professional and family lives. There is always time to eat a relaxed, nourishing meal even in the most rushed of workdays. Sundays are reserved for family time, organized around a communal meal that proudly displays the bounty of our fertile region. We drink Vieux Ciseaux Malbec with hearty dishes – winter stews, barbecue, cassoulet, but also as a substitute for Armagnac to pair with a special cigar. Malbec is an indispensible part of our lives, and we hope it plays a role in yours, as well.