The Wine

There is a saying in Northern Italy – no meal without wine, no wine without character. And so, the hard-working wine growers of Emilia-Romagna who produce Legato have created a wine that meets both needs. Legato is ebullient, joyful and energetic – full of local character and a wonderful match for the region’s cuisine. The grapes are gently pressed, cold-settled and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks – all in an effort to preserve freshness and vitality of fruit. All of this makes Legato the perfect wine to drink with those you know, those you want to know, and those you love. So, do as the Italians do – cook up a hearty meal, invite your friends, sit down and raise a glass of this delightful white – Saluti!


The Place
Taken from the famous river of the area, the name Rubicone evokes a critical event in world history – Julius Caesar’s triumphant march into Rome. Like a conquering general, the Pinot Bianco grape made it’s way from the other side of the Alps to proliferate and colonize this hilly area of Emilia-Romagna. Legato was conceived in this region – a longtime crossroads of ideas and influence – as a truly unique Italian white wine. Legato is deceptively rich and assertive in flavor. At the same time, it is vibrant and energetic, with a lovely kiss of acidity on the finish that helps to prolong the flavor perception. As the soil and history of a place affect its people, so it does the wine. In this way, we invite you as well to cross the Rubicone with Legato, and change your world forever.

The People/Culture

While today the region of Emilia-Romagna is a land of shared language, customs and food, this wasn’t always the case. Separated for centuries by a host of conquering tribes, Emilia and Romagna developed unique cultural elements that were only exposed to each other relatively recently. This mélange of influences can be seen in the local wine industry as well, where a northern grape – Pinot Bianco is made in a style that is distinctly southern in character – fruit sweet, exotic and refreshing. When travellers from all over the world descend upon Emilia-Romagna, they expect to eat well and accompany the regional cuisine with a fine local wine. For this Legato is the perfect drink, finding its natural place alongside the region’s famous cheeses, olive oils and pork.