Prince De Lys

The Wine

In many ways, Merlot is the Prince of red wine grapes. Its frequent blending partner, who loves to declare, “Cabernet is King”, often overshadows it! Yet, in many cases, it is the Prince that brings the crucial elements to a Bordeaux-style blend – a soft, velvety texture, gloriously plump and generous mouth feel, and a ripe, robust fruit flavor profile that is very seductive in character. Prince de Lys is the embodiment of these beloved hallmarks of French Merlot, and is ready for his ascension to the throne. This old world Merlot is full of red currant, plum, and vanilla notes. Smooth tannin and a rich chocolate finish make this an exceptionally pleasant everyday sipper.


The Place
Merlot grapes have their origin in the Bordeaux region, but have proven their worth in nearly every corner of southwest France. It is well known for its intensely dark color – in fact, the “Merlot” is a derivative of the French word for blackbird – an allusion to its distinctive hue. Where the combination of environmental factors is right – warm climate, dense and compact soils, abundant sunshine – Merlot makes a distinctive wine, dark fruited with soft tannins and a touch of spice. Because of its dark color and accessible taste profile, Prince de Lys Merlot is a fine place to begin one’s venture into the exploration of the world’s great red wines.

The People/Culture

Merlot vines are ubiquitous in the vineyards of southwest France, in fact, it is often seen planted in front of winegrowers’ houses as a decorative vine. This is a wonderful insight into the place that Merlot holds in local traditions and customs – a part of the family, a critical part of self-identification. Thereby, Merlot itself is a southwest French culture – a ritual that brings people together to enjoy the art – passed on by prior generations – of enjoying the best fine wines of the region. Of course, the grape and the people love to take in the sun, to spend lazy afternoons outside in the breeze! Prince de Lys Merlot is your invitation to come to this region, to taste a wine that reflects it’s roots – soft, generous and inviting.