Maison SAVAS

The Wine

Sauvignon Blanc is the reference point for dry Bordeaux white wines. Here in this storied region it achieves levels of fruit intensity and aromatic freshness like nowhere else in the world. It is this pride of place and the honor of farming this esteemed land that drives us to strive for the pinnacle of quality with our Maison SAVAS Sauvignon Blanc. It shows very typical flavors of lemon, grapefruit, lime and green apples with a medium body and clean finish. Here in Bordeaux it is traditionally served with seafood and poultry, a custom that we encourage you to share in. 


The Place

Hundreds of years ago, the marshy swampland around the riverbanks of the Garonne River was drained to create additional room for viticulture. Imagine the elation the pioneers of Bordeaux winemaking must have experienced in realizing their new region’s potential…to create some of the most treasured wine in the world! The great Sauvignon Blancs of Bordeaux are still, to this day, grown within a short distance of this great river. This proximity to a major body of water provides a respite for the vines from the Southern French heat of summertime. The best vineyards, such as those that grow Maison SAVAS, are planted in a sandy, gravelly soil that reminds one of the region’s recent past, underwater.


The People/Culture

The city and people of Bordeaux have been producing wine for centuries. Through hard work, dedication to their craft, and an early embrace of international markets, Bordeaux winemakers have earned their reputation as among the finest in the world. The wines of Bordeaux have always been synonymous with new ideas and global influence, and we take great pride in presenting them to you. For it is you, dear drinker, that gives us the opportunity to call Bordeaux home and continue to do what we love - and for this Maison SAVAS thanks you!