Sentido de Boro

The Wine

Why run from the bull when you can embrace it, cherish it, enjoy it? Sentido de Boro Tempranillo is a full-bodied red wine from Spain with distinctive spicy characteristics and plush fruit, grown in the dusty plains of Northern Spain known for its’ bullfighting culture and long tradition of growing high quality red wine. For a great Matador, courage and timing is key, and these principles extend to growing Tempranillo as well. It takes a brave soul to tend to the vines, under the hot Spanish sun. The timing of the harvest is paramount – harvest too early and the wine is devoid of regional character; wait too long and the wines lose structure and focus. Fortunately, our winegrowers have mastered this time-honored tradition, and the result of their labor is an alluring, rich and spicy wine that tastes of strawberries, mocha, and white pepper. Have a glass or two of this hearty red and get in the ring, Olé!


The Place

A dry, toasty region where the dust stings the eyes and the land is parched. Humans live in sparsely populated villages, with town squares centered around the village water well. Viticulture has always been present, and the grapes are well suited to this extreme landscape, sending their roots deep down into the ground in an ever-present search for water. The grapes produced are small and the clusters tight, with an incredible skin-to-juice ratio. The wines produced from the fruit of these laboring vines are correspondingly intense, concentrated and richly extracted, with dark color and savory aromas. Incredibly, the acid profile is bright and lifted, making these a natural match for salted meats, game and beef.


The People/Culture

The arid plains of Northern Spain are home to a hardscrabble folk, tan and hardy, acclimated to the hot, dry climate and tough as nails. Donkeys are still a major mode of transport, and wine is more often drank from traditional animal “skins” than glasses. Much of the food eaten here is of the preserved variety, and some of the greatest charcuterie on planet earth finds its home here. The famous black pig salami, salty goat’s cheese and dried olives are a mainstay, as well as the hearty local red wine. Here life is centered around sustenance, and wine is drank as a thirst quencher in place of hard-to-come-by water. Transport yourself to this land of festivals, of siestas and of starry, quiet nights with a glass of Sentido de Boro Tempranillo.