DAY 24


The Wine

No celebration is complete without a little bubbly, and the winemakers of Prosecco have worked hard to ensure their wines are synonymous with good times and grand moments. Prosecco quality and availability has never been better than it is today, and Andantino Prosecco is sure to add a festive layer to your shindig. This fresh, fun sparkler offers up aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, banana cream, hazelnut, vanilla, and honeycomb. Andantino Prosecco makes a great match with any dish that requires a hint of sweetness to counterbalance a spicy character – cured meats, Indian and Asian cuisine.


The Place
Sparkling wine has been produced in the Veneto region for hundreds of years. The wines produced here are always boisterous with their fruit and flower flavors and aromas. Prosecco itself a unique microclimate which is much cooler than the surrounding area, and produces crisp and delicious sparkling wines. From party-ready bottlings to fine dining companion, Andantino Prosecco is proud to offer you a new taste of a well-known place.

The People/Culture

The Prosecco region lies close to the city of Venice, in the hilly countryside to the north. Venice has always provided a thriving market for local consumption, as well as an ideal port for the exportation of Prosecco to every corner of the wine-drinking world. Prosecco is, these days, synonymous with the celebration of life, Italian-style. More than just a Champagne alternative, Andantino Sparkling Wine is a festa in a glass and uniquely Italian.