DAY 23

Chateau Haut Pourjac

The Wine

Housed in a beautiful building erected in the 1500s, Chateau Haut Pourjac itself was founded in 1935 in the Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux.  Known for its lusciously soft merlot and spicy bold cabernet this wine brings out the best flavors of what Bordeaux is known for.  And its AOC status lets you know that the strictest practices to maintain high quality in the vineyard were used.  In the winery, the grapes were de-stemmed, sorted of any green grapes or debris and then fermented in stainless steel vats.  The ageing took place in a mix of stainless steel and French oak barrels for just a kiss of toasted vanilla sweetness.   


The Place

The wines from Bordeaux are steeped in tradition, quality and romance.  Almost 2 centuries ago a group of people looked out across the Gironde Estuary at what most would consider as nothing but a marshy wasteland.  But those whose blood ran thick with generations of winemaking knew that if tamed this land could produce fine wine. But who could guess that this newly reclaimed wine region would quickly become one of the world’s very finest.  The wild pine forests that create the western edge of the wine growing region act as a barrier from the harsh Atlantic winds, while the rivers forming the eastern boudoirs ensure a calm, template climate- neither too hot nor too cold.  The drained swampland where the vines are now situated are perfectly suited for housing vines.  Full of stones, sand, and fossilized sea-creatures, this soil allows for perfect drainage, as well as a capacity to shield the roots from the heat of the sun.


The People/Culture

The area where the Bordeaux AOP is locates rests between the Atlantic Ocean, and the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers, and for centuries this area has been immersed in sea-trade.  This has developed a taste and appreciation for the finer things in life and it is no wonder the wines developed here follow that path.  The weather is mild and the sun is abundant.  Life is arranged between family, work, and leisure and there is nothing to mark a special occasion quite like a hearty bottle of red.