DAY 22

Sheep Station

The Wine

In a country famously occupied by more sheep than people, plenty of room is available for the cultivation of grapes in a climate that is optimal for Sauvignon Blanc. Long, sunny days and cool, crisp nights are the perfect recipe for optimal ripeness and ripe fruit flavors, while maintaining a fresh, clean acidic profile.  Sheep Station Sauvignon Blanc comes from one of the world’s most notable wine regions - Marlborough. A vibrant mix of pineapple, gooseberry and citrus flavors are carried on a smooth, medium body, with plenty of vibrant acidity.  This just buzzes with energy, crackles and zips, bright and racy like a firecracker. Appealing details of orange zest and ginger spice add complexity as the wine sails through to a long, expressive finish. Very sleek and refreshing.  Sheep Station Sauvignon Blanc tastes of its origin – exotic and tropical.


The Place
Sheep Station is made in the heart of the region most closely associated with great New Zealand wine – Marlborough. The first region in the entire country to be regarded as having the potential to produce world-class Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough quickly became an international smash hit. The wines today continue their upward trajectory of quality but have maintained a very reasonable price point, a rare combination indeed. Sheep Station Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc tends to be extremely aromatic and intensely flavored, with stone fruit at its core but filled out with ripe, tropical fruit flavors.

The People/Culture

When the first Sauvignon Blanc vines were planted in the Marlborough region, no one could have predicted the superstar status that these wine would go on to achieve in just a few decades. Having been transformed from a quiet, agricultural area to international wine powerhouse has seen Marlborough evolve itself into a leader in innovation of wine growing technology and quality. Many of the most cutting-edge methods and ideas in the world of wine are being developed on this small island. Rather than seeing prices escalate and the wines being priced out of the reach of the everyday consumer to whom the success could be credited to, Sheep Station’s winegrowers instead direct their resources and technological innovation to the pursuit of making wines of an incredibly high quality to price ratio.