DAY 21

2018 ROSÉ

The Wine

CR Rosé is grown in the wine country of southern France, in sandy soils with limestone deposits and clay. Immediately after the grapes are harvested, they are gently loaded into a state of the art wine press. This technological marvel is pre-programmed to only extract the perfect amount of juice from the grapes to create a wine that is extremely aromatic, perfectly fresh and fruity and most importantly, clean and pure on the finish. This year’s version of CR Rosé is a joyful wine with a whimsical personality.  It is overflowing with heady aromas of roses, lavender and carnations- a veritable flower garden in the glass.  The palate is all summer fruits – strawberry, peach and gooseberry – with a soft, elegant mouthfeel and gently persistent finish.


The Place
France is the most important country in the world for Rosé wine, both from the standpoint of producer and consumer. It is here where the Rosé wine style was invented, cultivated and perfected. It is also here, on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, where a majority of the world’s Rosé production is consumed. In times past, Rosés often had the reputation of all being similar in character, too sweet, and the domain of the summer barbecue only. Today’s wine drinker knows that this is an outdated stereotype, and there is an incredible amount of diversity being produced among French Rosé wines. Today’s Rosés are unique to their place of origin, tend towards a dryer style, and are a fixture at some of the highest-end restaurant tables in the entire country.

The People/Culture

CR Rosé is the product of a Mediterranean culture – one of aioli, fish stews and olive oil. Where the day is long and there is always time for a second glass of Rosé at lunch (followed by an afternoon nap, of course). People here regard a trinity of wine styles – red, white and pink – represented by a triangle, with Rosé on top. They are very aware of the responsibility of keeping quality levels high enough to keep France on top of the pyramid of Rosé’s popularity, as well. This commitment to Rosé and the preservation of its associated wine culture is expressed in every single bottle of CR Rosé. CR Rosé is a wine made from the evolution of something very, very special – French Rosé culture.