DAY 20

Dom Freitas

The Wine

Dom Freitas is a red blend with a distinctly Portuguese personality. Mostly made from local grape varieties such as Castelão and Aragonês, Dom Freitas aims to capture the spirit of this proud, hard working region with a bold, assertive flavor profile and generous disposition. The Castelão grape, whose name is derived for the Portuguese word for “parakeet”, is correspondingly loud yet also a great companion, showing up in many of the region’s blends and providing an exuberant fruitiness to the wines. Aragonês provides a more serious balance to  Castelão’s fresh and fruity side, providing a dark color and structural framework to the blend. Overall the impression of Dom Freitas is a surprisingly fragrant, dark fruited wine with good focus and concentration and extraordinary fruit intensity. It finishes long, and goes particularly well with hearty stews, roast beef and barbecued lamb.


The Place
Portugal is a country small in size, but big into wine quality. The steep canyons and fertile valleys where this wine is grown give it a concentration and depth of flavor that punches well above its weight class. The Peninsula de Setùbal is a well known coastal destination for surf enthusiasts, but travel inland to the wine growing area, and the scenery changes quickly. This is a land of rolling hills, herbal chaparral, olive trees and vineyards. Grape growing in the region has been present since at least the 8th century B.C., and is blessed with clay-limestone soils ideal for the production of red wine. Dom Freitas is made in the sub-region of Palmela, under the watchful eye of a talented consulting enologist. From the heartland of this seaside region of Portugal, Dom Freitas offers you a taste of this unique place and its tradition of fine wine production.

The People/Culture

While perhaps not recognized internationally (yet!), the Peninsula de Setùbal is an extremely popular coastal destination for Lisbon weekenders, and especially international surfing fanatics. While not yet known by name, the flavor of the local wines are impossible to forget – perfectly ripe, lovely, fresh, fruity wines with moderate alcohol and ripe tannins. Red wine production has forever been the most important activity of the area, and the wines have acquired an enormous amount of national prestige and importance.  The area also has a heritage rich in diversity and historical notoriety, with the culture of vine and wine having always played a major part.  Wines like Dom Freitas are considered the jewels of the entire region, a treasured resource and revered symbol of pride.