Fontan de Fallières

The Wine

In France, location is king. Sometimes a river, a hill, a gully separates some of the most coveted real estate in the entire world of wine from humble, quiet villages very much out of the spotlight. Yet, the secret is getting out – these skilled growers in the remote, forgotten corners of France display the same levels of skill, passion and pride as their prestigious neighbors, and their vines are noble in every way but name.  Made in the image of white Burgundy, Fontan de Fallières is citrusy, toasty and a fine match for a wide variety of cuisine.


The Place

France and Chardonnay go together like birds of a feather. For generations this grape has enjoyed its claim as “Belle of the Ball” and once you taste this you’ll know why. We source this wine from dedicated growers all over the country, making Fontan de Fallières a true-to-type example of the very best climates, soil and skill that French chardonnay has to offer. Within each bottle you will find a lemony zing from gravelly soils, a stony verve from limestone and a peachy pop from sandy clay.


The People/Culture

Our French Chardonnay growers take their job very seriously, as they are the next in line in a tradition of viticultural excellence dating back to the days of Charlemagne. While Chardonnay is the wine of kings, no throne is necessary to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and Fontan de Fallières is just as delicious paired with a baseball cap as it is a crown. Modern grape-growing methods dictate that the vines are trellised to optimize sunlight exposure on the grapes, Earth-friendly farming methods are employed to ensure sustainability, and profits are distributed directly to our growers in order to foster a relationship that will continue well into the future.