DAY 19

Coco Rico

The Wine

Imagine a life-long New Yorker, tired of the cold gray winters, who decides to relocate to Florida. The feeling he gets when he realizes that the sand between his toes, salt water lapping at the beach and warm sun on his face are fixtures of his new life. Now picture yourself a grapevine, experiencing a similar level of elation that Chardonnay must have felt when, having left the cold, short growing season of the North, it was relocated to the warm hills of Spain. You can almost taste this sense of relief, of an ecstatic displacement and embrace of a new life in Spanish Chardonnay wines. They are correspondingly easy-going, warm and inviting. Coco Rico is grown in some of the best locations in Spain for Chardonnay and displays notes of apple, pear, and vanilla, along with a smooth finish are the results of abundant sunshine and lengthy growing season.


The Place
Some wines will always be associated with a time and place. For many wine drinkers, Chardonnay is the grape that is evocative of a moving first time experience. The first time one experiences old world Chardonnay, perhaps a fine white Burgundy, with its oaky flavors and rounded textures – is an experience that many cannot forget. And of course the new world warrants exploration, like a California Chardonnay, with its exotic fruit profile and waves of flavor – striking and attention grabbing.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, due to it’s old world terroir and culture yet with a new world climate, Spanish Chardonnay has managed to express both sides of the Chardonnay spectrum. Coco Rico Spanish Chardonnay, in turn, showcases the best of both worlds, from it’s vanilla spice and rounded mouth feel, to its orchard fruit profile and generosity of flavor.

The People/Culture

The beginning of grape growing in Spain goes back so far in time that its specific origins are forgotten in the mists of ancient history. Wine culture, however, still pervades every community in the entire country, from traditional village to modern metropolis. Wine is a fixture of every meal, and many wines are blended specifically to pair well with the national specialty, tapas. Because tapas typically have such rich, bold flavors, Coco Rico Chardonnay is made to be correspondingly flavorful and assertive. Coco Rico is built to be the perfect pairing for any meal and every setting, so you can spend less time choosing and more time enjoying. Salud!