DAY 18

2018 SYRAH

The Wine

The Syrah grape is legendary in its ability to adapt to its local environment, and produce a wine in that specific location that tastes like no other Syrah in the world! From Australia to the Rhone Valley, California to Languedoc-Roussillon, Syrah is responsible for world-class wines that span the stylistic gamut from savory and peppery to robust and jammy – and everything in between. With P&P Syrah, the aim was to capture this dynamic spirit and produce a wine that speaks to the incredible diversity of Syrah flavors. By sourcing our grapes from some of the best vineyards all over France, P&P Syrah manages to take influence from all of them in an inventive blend that is like no other. The nose is both spicy and fruity, with a distinctive smoky note. On the palate, P&P Syrah manages to be both fruity and savory, this complex interplay reveals flavors of blackberry and plum as well as white pepper and currant leaf. With soft, ripe tannins and a long finish, P&P Syrah transports you to all the corners of the Syrah-growing world, all in one sip.


The Place
Syrah is grown in eastern and southern France, on the gravelly peaks of granite slopes as well as sun-kissed, sandy plains in view of the Mediterranean. Each location provides something unique and special to P&P Syrah. From the rocky hill country, the wine picks up a firm structural framework as well as a mineral, floral and spicy quality. From the south of France, we receive the unctuous fruit profile that makes P&P Syrah such a good choice for a wide cross-section of palate preferences. This is the beauty of P&P Syrah - it doesn’t speak to a specific place, but the ability of a specific grape to do magical things. This wine manages to resist definition yet showcases a unique identity – that of P&P French Syrah.

The People/Culture

The recent story of French Syrah is one of evolution. As this is the first generation of winegrowers who have been lucky enough to obtain the resources to travel abroad, many have worked at wineries all over the world. This unique exposure to other ideas, techniques and ways of thinking about the Syrah grape has made an indelible impression in their minds. And so, they have returned home, to Syrah’s heartland, and implemented changes that have very quickly elevated the quality of their region’s wines to keep pace with the ascension of the Syrah grape as a leader in international wine quality. No longer rustic, green and clunky, today’s French Syrahs display a refinement and elegance never before seen in this variety that was only recently regarded as a vineyard workhorse and not much more. P&P Syrah is carefully blended with this elevated image in mind – a wine that is modern, clean and pure, with a focus on fruit, texture and, most importantly, pleasure.