DAY 16


The Wine

Loureiro, Trajadura, Arinto. Unknown names for most wine drinkers. They are traditional grapes used in the production of Piranha Vinho Verde. And so, like these unfamiliar varieties, there are many secrets to discover about this beloved Portuguese white wine. Vinho Verde is well known yet mostly still undiscovered, with many regions producing many styles that are sure to challenge the preconceptions and assumptions of even the seasoned wine drinker. Piranha Vinho Verde is bright gold in color, with a nose of lemon, grapefruit and sea foam. Fruit-driven, crisp, clean and slightly spritzy, this white wine from Portugal is made to be unfussy and generous.


The Place
Vinho Verde is a huge region, with over 80,000 acres of wine grapes in cultivation. Piranha hails from the sub-region of Sousa, where great pride is taken in the cultivation of native Portuguese grape varieties. Sousa has a hilly disposition, temperate climate and mild weather. This rare combination allows for the production of red, white and rosé wines. Because of this long tradition of grape growing and the production of a variety of styles, Sousa winemakers tend to be a daring, experimental bunch. The Sousa wine producer is always pushing the limits of what the region is capable of, and constantly refining their craft.  Piranha Vinho Verde is characteristic of the wines of this region – light, delicate and feminine, fruit driven and with a racy acidic profile. Try it with the famous “Bacalhau” salted cod, a celebrated local specialty.

The People/Culture

The people of Portugal love to have fun. They are a joking bunch, quick with a smile and possessing a trademark sense of humor. With Vinho Verde, however, the local winemakers abandon this laissez-faire attitude for one of total dedication – they are very serious about their pursuit of making the best wine possible. The people of this region are very aware of the reputation that Vinho Verde has around the world, and are justifiably proud. Yet they also know their limitations – Vinho Verde is a small region, without any major cities or trade networks, with a cool, wet climate that is naturally restrictive of large-scale agriculture. So they strive to constantly improve the wines, to experiment with new technology and viticulture techniques. Vinho Verde is an underdog – a true, grass roots, rags to riches winemaking success story. Piranha Vinho Verde embodies this spirit of an entire region – boldly self confident yet always looking to improve, year after year.