DAY 15

El Principe de Laguardia

The Wine

El Principe de Laguardia is a distinctive blend of the Navarra region’s most famous grapes. The blending is the key to its quality, as every year, Navarra’s diverse geography and climate gives the particular vintage a character that favors a particular variety. In this way, the wine is ever changing and alive, adapting to its unique place and time. Navarra wines are full bodied and every bit the darling of Spain, seen on the wine list of every hip Tapas bar from Malaga to Madrid.  El Principe de Laguardia makes it easy to see why – like a great Flamenco dancer, it is zesty, spicy and right at home on the tabletop.


The Place

Navarra is a celebrated wine region in north-central Spain, centered around the city of Pamplona. Navarra is becoming increasingly associated with high-quality red wine due to the region’s recent modernization and exportation efforts. Navarra’s natural aptitude for growing high quality red grapes is greatly influenced by its geography, where the surrounding mountains, Ebro River valley and Bay of Biscay breezes help to regulate the hot Mediterranean climate. The main red grape varieties are the famous Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot…but especially Tempranillo. It is in Navarro, along with its famous neighbor Rioja, that Tempranillo flourishes, producing El Principe de Laguardia - a concentrated, juicy, fruity red wine.


The People/Culture

Grapes have been thriving in Navarra since at least the ancient Roman times, and almost certainly before that. The region has always had a great demand for wine, as the constant flow of visitors walking the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route has ensured a stream of thirsty travellers, satiating themselves with Navarra’s vinous treasures for centuries.  This sense of hospitality and camaraderie has led many of these voyagers to stay in Navarra and call the place home, adding to the diversity of the region and diversifying its styles and tastes. Fiercely independent, the local population prides themselves on their inability to be classified as a particular entity, but rather the sum of its great parts – like a fine red blend. El Principe de Laguardia is therefore built to please many palates, but to come from only place – Navarra.