DAY 14

Ciel Bleu d'Aquitaine

The Wine

Ciel Blue d’Aquitaine is a Sauvignon Blanc blend which blends an intensely exotic, tropical character with the traditional, elegant, citrusy flavors of Sauvignon. Ciel Bleu is stunningly aromatic, with scents of elderflower, lime and lychee that leap from the glass. Upon tasting, you'll notice bright flavors of Granny Smith apple, grapefruit and lime, with a touch of apricot and basil. The wine finishes with a bolt of saline crispness to make the drinker thirsty for more.


The Place

Located in south-west France, the beautiful region of Gascony has seen a recent renaissance of wine quality and realization of its potential as a world-class white wine powerhouse. Blessed with a temperate climate, long growing season and cooling by Atlantic breezes, Gascony wines offer a taste of the good life at a price everybody can afford. The keys to Gascony wines’ ability to punch above their price point lie in the region’s well-draining, rocky soils; it’s abundant, replenishing winter rains; and resplendent, generous summer sunshine.


The People/Culture

The people of Gascony love visitors to their ancient, lovely countryside. There, the residents foster a love of cooking, delicious wine, and time spent outside in undisturbed nature. The people of Gascoy are descended from the land – the rivers course through their veins, their hands are coarse and rocky like their soil, and their faces weathered from the sun in the Gascony fields. When you taste Ciel Blue d’Aquitaine Sauvignon Blanc, you taste tradition, dedication and pride. The most typical place for a Gascony wine is the lunch table – alcohol levels are kept low, and refreshment factor high. A natural pairing is seafood, charcuterie, or duck.