DAY 13

Mano Ciclo

The Wine

Sangiovese is the most planted grape variety in Emiglia-Romagna, from which Mano Ciclo Sangiovese hails. The Sangiovese grape requires strict attention and care during the fermentation process. The key is to allow the grapes to macerate on their skins for long enough to extract a sufficient amount of body and flavor to balance the grape’s naturally high acidity, yet guard for the over-extraction of tannins and bitter flavor elements. To this end we employ state-of-the-art temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, gentle pump-overs, and careful racking. The result is a fun and fancy-free wine that is full of red fruit and darker notes of pepper and tobacco.  Mano Ciclo Sangiovese is at its heart a dry, flavorful red wine from a part of Italy where sunshine and romance abound, transported into the glass.


The Place

Emiglia-Romagna is a hilly region, with the Sangiovese vineyards planted in the gently sloping elevations. This diverse territory stretches from the spine of the Apenine Mountains to the Adriatic coast, where Mano Ciclo Sangiovese especially appreciates the clay soils and moderate climate of the region. This combination of factors allows for the vines to retain water during the dry season and provides a long, extended growing season that allows the grapes to develop to optimal maturity. It is rare to find a wheel of the region’s famous Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese without a bottle of Sangiovese somewhere nearby.


The People/Culture

The wines of Emiglia-Romagna have a long, storied history going back to ancient times, where they were a staple of the Roman diet as many as 2000 years ago. In those days, wines were stored in clay amphorae, where the cold winter weather would stop the fermentations. At this point, the wines were naturally clarified, and drank to accompany the region’s winter fare of roast game and meats. Mano Ciclo Sangiovese is styled to reflect the need for a hearty, robust and juicy red wine that finds its most natural setting alongside a meal. Unlike the old days, however, state of the art winemaking technology is employed to ensure purity and consistency in every bottle. Mano Ciclo Sangiovese is a perfect expression of the Emiglia-Romagna region – racy like a Ferrari, ageworthy like balsamic and a perfect supplement like Parmigiano.