DAY 12

Vol du Colibri

The Wine

Trebbiano – an old-world grape, traditionally identified with Italy’s classic white wines. Chardonnay – an international grape variety, responsible for an impressive array of the world’s most coveted white wines. Blended together, the two combine spice and fruit, raciness and richness, savory minerality and exotic unctuousness. In each bottle of Vol du Colibri, old world meets new world in a daring combination. The acid of the Trebbiano grape keeps the richness of Chardonnay in-check, and together they show off tropical fruit characters and a crisp finish. Vol du Colibri is where tradition and innovation meet. Enjoy with creamy sauces, shellfish and seafood pastas.


The Place

Vol du Colibri hails from the hills of the Italian region of Romagna, located in the north of Italy. White wine has been produced here with great success since Roman times. In the hillsides around the famous city of Bologna, the Romagna wine region has earned a reputation as being Italy’s regional leader for best value-to-quality wines. In the case of Vol du Colibri, this is achieved by careful selection of the grapes used for the cuvée in the vineyard, strict regulation of fermentation length and temperature, and aging in the finest stainless steel tanks.


The People/Culture

Romagna’s most famous culinary staples are meat dishes – mostly pork – and dairy products. These heavy foods beg for crisp, refreshing white wines to refresh the palate, and Vol du Colibri was created with this purpose in mind. After all, wines develop their personalities by reflecting the ideas, customs and habits of the farmers working the soil! Along the Via Aemilia - the ancient Roman road that bisects the region – one finds the white wine vineyards sprawled on the enchanting hills and river valleys. Vol du Colibri is a perfect example of the style of wines these vineyards and their farmers create – aromatic and dry, with a particular fondness for the regional cuisine.