DAY 10

2018 ROSÉ

The Wine

Rosé wine is much more than just a trend in the coastal regions of Spain. It has been being produced there for decades; each successive generation hones and improves the family craft, creating unique, extraordinary Spanish Rosé. Acuarello embodies this spirit of the pursuit of perfection, utilizing native grape varieties and modern winemaking techniques to craft a wine like no other. This very pretty rosé is bursting with cherry, strawberry and watermelon flavors and a lovely, persistent aroma. The wine finishes long and clean, with a touch of minerality that hints at its coastal origins.


The Place

Unlike the arid, hot interior, coastal Spain is a cool, wet and green region. The vineyards, however, are protected from the chill by the warm winds blowing from the Mediterranean, and sheltered from damaging storms by coastal mountain ranges. Acuarello grapes are harvested early, to preserve acidity and freshness. Macerations are strictly limited to ensure proper extraction of flavor and color, without adding bitter tannins to the juice. The finished wine shows optimum balance, freshness and complexity, and is a perfect match for summer salads and shellfish.


The People/Culture

For the local inhabitants of coastal Spain, Rosé is more than just a summer fling – it is a staple of almost every meal, and in between sittings as well. From young to old, pink wines are a fundamental part of life; a mainstay from every humble tapas bar to gastronomic destination. The coastal winemakers of Spain spend a majority of their time outside, for both work and play, and Rosé accompanies them to both. In this way, Acuarello Rosé is a window into the soul of Spain – it is delicious to consume year round, with or without food, to both quench thirst and celebrate with friends.