Il Sallevatoré

The Wine

Il Sallevatoré is a medium-bodied red wine from the hilly Italian region of Abruzzo. The Montelpulciano d’Abruzzo grape, which gives both the wine and region its name, has been cultivated here from time immemorial. The utmost care is taken during the winemaking process to assure the production of a robust spicy expression that is true to tradition. Il Sallevatoré is intensely red in color with a violet hue, and bursting with red fruits on the nose. The palate is very fresh, with notes of raspberry, blueberry and cherry. Il Sallevatoré is revered for its balance between rich flavors and generous acidity and gripping tannins- a great paring for grilled meats or aged cheeses.


The Place

The Montelpulciano grape is cultivated on the sun-kissed, ancient hillsides of the region of Abruzzo. With miles of undeveloped coastline and unaltered terrain, it is a special region where life goes on in the same manner that it has for thousands of years. The Adriatic breezes help regulate the temperatures and offer the vines a much-needed respite from the summer heat. Planted in clay-limestone soils at elevations ranging from sea level to 400 meters, the diversity of growing sites provides both complexity and typicity to the finished wine.


The People/Culture

The residents of Abruzzo are a weather-worn, humble folk who love good food, great company and of course delicious wine. For years this has been one of the epicenters of the Italian wine trade, and the region’s beauty is reflected in its vinous bounty. This is a land of cattle, grapevines, fertile plains and rolling hills that spill forth onto its miles of sandy coastline. The good life can still be found in Abruzzo, where things are done slowly and methodically, with an eye to the future but feet firmly planted in the past.