Ciel Bleu d'Aquitaine


Bright, sunny, friendly, easy-going.



Ciel Blue d’Aquitaine is a blend that we customize ourselves, with some very particular stylistic goals in the finished wine - aromatic intensity, exotic fruit flavors, guzzle-friendly. Ciel Bleu is stunningly aromatic, and on the palate, tropical flavors are the focus. Most importantly for us, however, is the drinkability factor - vibrant acidity makes this Sauvignon Blanc feel alive, energetic and humming with energy - very easy to drink (or guzzle). Ciel Bleu hails from the region of Gascony in southwest France, where a recent renaissance of wine quality has resulted in the realization of its potential as a world-class white wine powerhouse.


Gascony Wines
- A Taste of the Good Life

Gascony is idyllic in every way – a charming region with vibrant orchards, thriving farms, and friendly people. Protected form harsh weather by the Pyrenees Mountains just to the south, the grapes enjoy a calm climate that results in a wine that is fully ripe yet balanced and very even year to year. The most typical place for a Gascony wine is the lunch table – alcohol levels are kept low, and refreshment factor high. When you taste the local wine, you taste tradition, dedication and pride.