Thank you for joining us on a WineAdvent-ure! Click on the appropriate label to learn more about the wine.
Advent 10 - Acuarello.jpg
Advent 19 - Coco Rico.jpg
Advent 08 - Legato.jpg
Advent 07 - Prince de Lys.jpg
Advent 15 - El Principe de Laguardia.jpg
Advent 13 - Mano Ciclo.jpg
Advent 05 - Maison SAVAS.jpg
Advent 21 - CR.jpg
Advent 17 - Formosa front.jpg
Advent 06 - Monte da Serra.jpg
Advent 04 - Sentido de Boro front.jpg
Advent 22 - Sheep Station.jpg
Advent 11 - Champs de Foin.jpg
Advent 14 - Ciel Bleu d'Aquitaine.jpg
Advent 20 - Dom Freitas.jpg
Advent 18 - P&P.jpg
Advent 16 - Piranha.jpg
Advent 09 - Vieux Ciseaux.jpg
Advent 12 - Vol du Colibri.jpg
We hope you enjoyed our 2019 selections.
Look for the 2020 Wine Advent-ure in stores October, 2020.

The Wine Advent Calendar was created by Flying Blue Imports.  At Flying Blue Imports, we work each day with one purpose in mind, to make quality European wines financially accessible to the American consumer.  We source wines from small farmers, and then produce, bottle and market them under our own labels.

Flying Blue brands allow consumers to experience the characteristic taste of various European wine regions and their grapes, without having to incur the expense of estate-bottled wines.​  We carefully select our range of wines from the most prestigious appellations to discover the "little gems" that our customers have come to enjoy.